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How to Determine If You’re in Need of an AC Repair

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If you notice that your air conditioning unit just hums but doesn’t really affect the overall temperature of the room then there’s a big chance that the air conditioning unit just consumes electricity and getting money out of your pocket. 


An AC Repair should include the following services: 

  1. Thorough inspection for all of the Air Conditioning Unit’s components 
  1. Supervised Performance Testing of the entire system 
  1. System Controls testing and Charging State 
  1. Inspection of Leakage and Leakage Testing with and approved Leak Detector 
  1. Dye Detection if Leakage cannot be detected  


It’s better to prevent the AC from falling apart while it’s showing signs that it needs repairs than actually having it break down and you’ll end up buying a whole new unit. Here are some of the signs that will tell you, you are in need of an AC Repair Calgary 


There is no cool air coming out of the unit 

If you feel that the air fanning out is not cold, then the air conditioning system is not doing what it’s supposed to. The cooling agent used in most air conditioning systems is called a Freon. If your AC is not producing cool air then the freon levels of your AC might be too low.  

Even if you turn it to “High Cool” and the air doesn’t seem to feel cool at all then there’s a need for you to call a professional for an AC Repair. Cool air not generating or coming to our means that there’s a problem with the Air Conditioning System Compressor.  


Blocked Air Flow 

If the airflow in the vents is weak then the air con’s compressor may be broken. If ever there are certain rooms in your house that are getting cold and in other areas not as cool, then there may be a possibility that there is a problem with the Air Duct Work. This is a sign that you need to get an AC Repair.  


Problems with the Thermostat 

Sometimes the problem is not the Air Conditioning unit itself. It can be the thermostat. There are several ways to tell if your thermostat is the one with the problem. You can check for the power if it’s unresponsive, room temperature’s and settings don’t match, the fuse is blown, etc. You can have this checked with any Professional AC Repair Service provider.  


Strange Sounds and Odors 

If you hear weird sounds like grating, grinding or even squealing sounds from your air conditioner this is a sign that you will need to have it repaired. There’s also a big chance that if these sounds occur you can also have foul or pungent odors from the vents that smell like burnt out ice. This comes from the wire insulation being burnt out. 


If you notice these signs with your current air conditioner, AC Repair services are readily available in Calgary. You can visit Calgary Furnace and AC Repair’s website to find out more about their services.  

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