Examples of Retaining Wall Designs

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Homeowners contemplating garden developments by creating retaining walls must also be associated with the subject of improving the retaining wall design. As a matter of fact, retaining walls are basically a functional enhancement to your exterior property. However, they form a certain part of the outdoor landscaping and must have a basic aesthetic look. The following are some of the few easy-to-adopt retaining wall design concept which might help you enhance your outdoor appeal:

1. Use of Retaining Blocks on Your Retaining Wall Designs

Retaining blocks are actually one of the simplest constructional elements used to build retaining walls. They consist of a light concrete which is blended with aggregates in order to make sturdier blocks. In addition to that, retaining wall blocks are also suggested for homeowners that plan to have low-lying retaining walls in their yards. Retaining wall blocks may be designed from an artistic perspective in the form of:

Star-like Retaining Block Walls

These retaining wall blocks may be maneuvered to render a tiered or star-like look to your wall. This pattern must be considered for sloping yards because the tiered look of your wall tends to neutralize too much slanting which can spoil the great appearance of the outdoors of your home. Furthermore, the tiered system of organizing the blocks aids to lessen the pressure brought about by the water (in sub-soil) on your retaining walls.

Interlocking Retaining Block Walls

The pattern lends a very compact appearance to your retaining wall which is necessary for small yards. The reason for this is because the conventionally-designed retaining walls may look overpowering in smaller areas. Additionally, the utilization of interlocking pattern basically means that a reduced dependence on mortar which saves you significant amount of money.

2. Casual-looking Retaining Wall Patterns

If your garden or yard is already beautifully designed with elements having well-defined borders, a kind of causal-looking design is highly recommended. Such patterns help neutralize the rigid look of the structured outdoors. Some recommendable choices are:

Faux Stone Wall

It is made by adorning an ordinary cinder block retaining wall along with the faux stones. Actually, the faux front of your walls takes care of your decorative necessities. Faux stones may be ordered across a comprehensive range of colors and designs. Options may include faux stone finishes such as a brick, stone, or pebble finish.

Tumbled Stone Walls

It is preferred for their rounded or soft edges. It can also be arranged in different shapes and patterns for making a slightly uneven appearance. Tumbled stones are commonly ordered in a combination of dull and high-gloss stones which are mixed without any definite pattern in order to create informal designs. Tumbled stones may be decorated with colored capping Stone Retaining Walls as well.

3. Structured Retaining Walls with Improved Borders

If your outdoor area requires an organized appearance or a particular degree of bordering, establishing retaining walls using defined borders is highly suggested. The most preferred choice for building retaining wall borders is definitely decorative bricks. The bricks are sold in varying patterns and colors.

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