Keeping Your Carpet Healthy and Clean

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Carpets require special attention and cleaning maintenance if you want it to be in good shape always. Here are some carpet cleaning and care tips and in order for your carpet to look good and healthy in its entire lifetime. 


Being knowledgeable about the type of carpet you have can be a great help in the ways you clean and maintain the health of your carpet, so be sensitive to the needs of your carpet. Knowing the material type of your carpet will determine how to clean it. Like for nylon carpet, it is the most durable and easy to clean however it doesn’t conceal a stain as good as those wool type carpets because wools have a natural resistant to stain and water repellent properties, it is less static in attracting dirt and many kinds of stains than those of synthetic carpets. Although it’s quite expensive than that of nylon but comes with more benefits for you than nylon carpets. 

Any material for carpet can be damaged if it is improperly treated in the cleaning process so it is really important to know the type of carpet and the corresponding maintenance method if you are doing a DIY cleaning. If you are not sure about this, it’s much better to have professionals take care of the cleaning and ask for tips at the same time in carpet care so that you will get an idea on what to do best for your carpet before the scheduled regular cleaning. 

Carpet manufacturer often provides a manual of properly maintaining and cleaning your carpet so find time to read it and always remember that improper carpet treatment will result to void its warranty so it’s important to follow their guidelines indicated in the warranty manual. 

Another basic idea you need to understand is that soil and small rocks can do a great damage on your carpet if not removed early and to prevent it is to vacuum it once in a while, rocks tend to burry deepest in your carpet as traffic continuously walked through those sandy soils and small rocks which will result in tearing of the carpet. Also putting a doormat could help prevent a large amount of sandy soil to come in and be trapped in your carpet. Also keeping pets from urinating on the carpet by training them to do it in a designated place only could avoid hard cleaning in the future. If accidents will happen like spills or stains, do first aid to the spot of your carpet immediately to prevent the spots from getting bigger and create further damage to the carpet.  

Carpet first aid can usually be found in your kitchen but it’s more reasonable to buy carpet cleaning solution if you want it to smell better while cleaning than vinegar. Baking soda can be a great help too, it helps dissolve odor and prevent the stains from holding on to the carpet fibers, therefore, loosens its grip. Some laundry detergents can also be used in your DIY with some water but always bear in mind that scrubbing might cause the stain to expand and more important is it might leave your carpet fibers damaged.   

If you are not comfortable with the idea of cleaning by yourself, call a professional professional carpet cleaners everett with the skill and experience and has far more advanced cleaning equipment than your vacuum that can extract dirt down to the bottom layer of your carpet. Have it scheduled once a year but for frequent traffic on your carpet, it should be more frequently cleaned to have it in good shape always. 

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